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Several sources indicate that the percentages of adult illiteracy have not changed in 10 years:. We hear K—12 teachers say on a regular basis that literacy remains a huge challenge for their students.

We also hear college instructors talking about how current students seem to have graduated from high school and cannot read or write well. Often, college classrooms and online groups have to spend time addressing literacy skills as well as content. While there are many economic and educational factors involved, it is clear that a collision of conventional and digital literacy has both challenged and redefined what literacy should be and just how it must be taught in any curriculum.

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As we likely all realize, the conventional idea of literacy concerns reading and writing. For generations, we have focused on the reading and writing skills of students through the entire educational process.

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More recently, though, linguistics has influenced the literature to include listening and speaking as key literacy skills e. As linguists Krashen, , and others have made us aware, language skills must include all four of the literacy skills — reading, writing, listening and speaking — in order for adequate language "function" to be achieved. That is, the acquisition of language use is critical over the learning of passive grammar and structure. The accuracy of language is influenced still by reading and writing; however, listening and speaking are essential for fluency.

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Fluency in a language is influenced by all four skills and, in turn, it influences the overall understanding or meaning. Search all titles Search all collections.

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