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reflected in German legal doctrine, paired with the commitment to case-by-case ad Die philosophischen Grundlagen der Meta-Dimension des Rechts auf. Menschenwürde lösen eine Fragestellung aus, die die Grenzen der Disziplin des Grundgesetzes aus rechtsphilosophischer Sicht' in Jan C. Joerden, Eric.

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Europa does not seem to have been venerated directly in cult anywhere in classical Greece, [31] but at Lebadaea in Boeotia , Pausanias noted in the 2nd century AD that Europa was the epithet of Demeter —"Demeter whom they surname Europa and say was the nurse of Trophonios"—among the Olympians who were addressed by seekers at the cave sanctuary of Trophonios of Orchomenus , to whom a chthonic cult and oracle were dedicated: "the grove of Trophonios by the river Herkyna Europa provided the substance of a brief Hellenistic epic written in the mid-2nd century BCE by Moschus , a bucolic poet and friend of the Alexandrian grammarian Aristarchus of Samothrace , born at Syracuse.

In Metamorphoses , the poet Ovid wrote the following depiction of Jupiter's seduction:. His picturesque details belong to anecdote and fable: in all the depictions, whether she straddles the bull, as in archaic vase-paintings or the ruined metope fragment from Sikyon , or sits gracefully sidesaddle as in a mosaic from North Africa, there is no trace of fear. Often Europa steadies herself by touching one of the bull's horns, acquiescing. Her tale is also mentioned in Nathaniel Hawthorne 's Tanglewood Tales.

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Though his story titled "Dragon's teeth" is largely about Cadmus, it begins with an elaborate albeit toned down version of Europa's abduction by the beautiful bull. The tale also features as the subject of a poem and film in the Enderby fictional character sequence of novels by Anthony Burgess. Europa in a fresco at Pompeii , contemporary with Ovid.

Europa velificans , "her fluttering tunic… in the breeze" mosaic, Zeugma Mosaic Museum. The Rape of Europa by Titian The Rape of Europa by Francisco Goya The Rape of Europa by Valentin Serov The name Europe , as a geographical term, was used by Ancient Greek geographers such as Strabo to refer to part of Thrace below the Balkan mountains. In the 8th century, ecclesiastical uses of "Europa" for the imperium of Charlemagne provide the source for the modern geographical term. The first use of the term Europenses , to describe peoples of the Christian, western portion of the continent, appeared in the Hispanic Latin Chronicle of , sometimes attributed to an author called Isidore Pacensis [36] in reference to the Battle of Tours fought against Muslim forces.

Her name appeared on postage stamps celebrating the Council of Europe , which were first issued in The second series of euro banknotes is known as the Europa Series and bears her likeness in the watermark and hologram.

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  7. The metal europium , a rare-earth element , was named in after the continent. The invention of the telescope revealed that the planet Jupiter , clearly visible to the naked eye and known to humanity since prehistoric times, has an attendant family of moons. These were named for male and female lovers of the god and other mythological persons associated with him. The smallest of Jupiter's Galilean moons was named after Europa. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Greek mythology character, daughter of Agenor. For other uses, see The Rape of Europa disambiguation.

    For other uses, see Europa disambiguation. Europa and the Bull depicted by Asteas , c. Further information: Europa moon. Finley, The World of Odysseus , gives "the years between and BC, or a bit later". References in myth and art have been assembled by W. West Indo-European poetry and myth. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Hugh G. James Rennell, The geographical system of Herodotus examined and explained , Volume 1, Rivington , p.

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    Revue des deux Mondes. The east face of Helicon: west Asiatic elements in Greek poetry and myth. Oxford: Clarendon Press. New International Encyclopedia 1st ed. New York: Dodd, Mead. Microsoft Corporation. The Penguin dictionary of classical mythology. Kershaw, Stephen.

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    London, England: Penguin Books. West 23 October For the first time in the novel, the two women he has romanced, Mme.

    Julien must choose between them as he chooses what to say at his trial. At the age of twenty-three, he must make a reckoning of his life and decide how to face death. Yet even here the novel presents multiple ways of understanding his statement. In the course of the novel it is clear that the provinces, the seminaries, and the city are fundamentally alike in the types of behavior they breed and frequently reward.

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    He came from a solidly middle-class family; his father was a barrister and his mother the daughter of a physician. His mother died when he was seven, and he grew to adore her memory and hate what his father represented to him — bourgeois manners and the pursuit of money. Feeling trapped in his home, the boy developed a vivid imagination and a taste for daydreaming. Here, and in Paris after he resigned from the army in , he enjoyed a number of romantic liaisons.

    He returned to Paris in and frequented its salons and theaters. He wrote a number of books in the next several years, including his first novel, Armance , and Le rouge et le noir He was appointed Consul to Trieste after the revolution, and was soon sent to the town of Civitavecchia, outside Rome. All three were published posthumously. In , he returned to Paris due to ill health and there, in , dictated La Chartreuse de Parme , one of the two novels for which he is best known, in just fifty-two days. He died of a stroke on March 23, During his lifetime, his fiction was little appreciated.

    Europa (consort of Zeus)

    Henry Fielding, The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling This picaresque, bawdily humorous novel follows the adventures of a young orphan as he seeks a place in the world. Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary An acknowledged masterpiece, Madame Bovary anatomizes both its adulterous title character and the bourgeois society that bred her. Share: Share on Facebook.

    Add to Cart. Why do anonymous letters play such an important role in the novel? At what point, if any, does Mathilde begin to genuinely care for Julien? Does he ever genuinely care for her?

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