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reflected in German legal doctrine, paired with the commitment to case-by-case ad Die philosophischen Grundlagen der Meta-Dimension des Rechts auf. Menschenwürde lösen eine Fragestellung aus, die die Grenzen der Disziplin des Grundgesetzes aus rechtsphilosophischer Sicht' in Jan C. Joerden, Eric.

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Campers might prefer a Rapala or a beetle spin. Well, Ned Yonkers comes closest to my recommendation. Too busy to read? Get the latest posts delivered straight into your inbox as they are they published. By Hal Holmes November 12, comments. As we came back across the portage to get the next load of gear, I came up behind Tom who was standing with hands on his hips looking as one of our canoes was drifting about fifteen feet away along the shoreline.

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At this point the rest of the group came up behind us and there were a number of stifled laughs as they figured out what we were looking at, and one gasp, I heard to be wrought with shame, By Alex Kvanli November 05, comments. A veteran counselor recounts, during the summer of , how he found peace along the trail. To some the trail symbolizes strength, traversing tough terrain, carrying yet heavier loads.

Every tree and rock offers a world of discovery to the observant Boundary Waters traveler. Revealing trail events are different for everybody… sighting wildlife, the drama of a storm, a long thoughtless paddle or a quiet, uneventful moment like enjoying a rainy day. By Alex Kvanli October 30, comments.

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The summer of was full of sketchy characters. In honor of Halloween, we give you some dubious camp characters who wandered their way to the peninsula on everything from spaceships to pirate ships. By Hal Holmes October 22, comments. If you have ever been there, you can appreciate the amount of work and governance needed to keep this little bit of heaven on earth as untarnished as possible. If you have not had the pleasure, then you will have to call upon your imagination to understand how amazing it is in this area of By Alex Kvanli October 16, comments.

It took us 23 days to paddle the remote rivers of this extensive boreal forest. By Alex Kvanli October 15, comments.

Experiential education programs like wilderness adventure camps have ways of inspiring kids in ways that are not possible at home, school, or through traditional sports. While these events may be winding down — and sadly so — there is still some time left to enjoy them; if only for a few more days.

Festival du Voyageur thus far has been a week of sights, sounds and wonderment!

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And as the saying goes about all good things: they must, eventually, come to an end. The Master Playwright Festival has celebrated the works of distinguished playwrights in an day production featuring professional and emerging artists. As plots thicken, and suspense grows, you can be a part of the mystery as it unfolds, even solving a few of the whodunits yourself. The T. That title goes to the Spinosaurus, the largest predatory dinosaur yet discovered.

If the predators of the past pique your interest, you can hear all about them this weekend, particularly this new kid on the block, Mr. Paleontologist, Nizar Ibrahim, who has scoured the deserts of North Africa in search of clues to pre-existing life, will be making a presentation titled, Spinosaurus: Lost Giant of the Cretaceous at Centennial Concert Hall with amazing visuals that help recreate the lost world of the Cretaceous era and give insight into the discovery, loss and rediscovery of this ancient predator. Well, OK. The two-day event will also be an informative one as you will learn all about polar bears and conservation efforts.

Ever heard of jazz manouche?

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Wencelius also delves into the sounds of world music and is known in jazz circles for his collaborations with internationally renowned artists. This intriguing, hilarious, typically British performance centres on the death of Sir Claud Amory, a wealthy, demanding scientist preoccupied with his inventions and obsessed with locked doors.

For a crack at this whodunit right alongside the brilliant protagonist Monsieur Poirot, you need only go as far as the John Hirsch Mainstage. The Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art gallery has not one, but two exceptional exhibits on from now until March Both exhibits offer their unique points of interest and intrigue and present the perfect opportunity to learn even more Aboriginal culture through the eyes of the artists.

And this exhibit is one that just about anyone who has ever seen a Superman movie or followed the old Spiderman TV series can appreciate as it focuses only on super heroes and villains. Head on to the Watson Art Centre for its Smoked exhibit, which features the original clay work of Forouzandeh Kasrai, who painstakingly turns lumps of clay into eye-catching masterpieces.

Look up! A little higher. Just a little bit farther. What do you see? Not quite sure what you see? Pull it out, dust it off and get to gazing! Do you enjoy being outdoors and capturing the wonders of nature? Do you strike a pose every time you hear the shutter of a camera? Three nights, three acts; take your pick or attend them all.

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Up and coming artist Whitney Rose will bring her beguiling blend to the stage on the second night, while The Jerry Cans will serve up their distinctly northern style with a unique mix of Inuktitut, alt-country and reggae on the final night. Set in the s, Elle chronicles the adventures and hardships of one woman who is marooned on a desolate island off the coast of Newfoundland as she finds humour in her ordeal and connects with nature both real and spiritual. As with all things Agatha Christie, expect twist that is sure to please!

Join the men and women of the Strathcona Trust for five days of senior provincial curling fun. The mouth-watering menu options will be more than enough to satisfy any weekend appetite, while the company of family and friends guarantees everyone will have a good ole time.

Iconic jazz and ironic symphony. For some big-time excitement in a small-town kind of way, take a trip out to New Bothwell and join the residents for their annual New Bothwell Winter Carnival. There will also be skating, a Saturday morning pancake breakfast among a tonne of other activities to keep everyone busy and having a fun time. This romantic comedy is set in on a train that is bound for New York. A handsome young pilot falls for a small-town religious girl from Kentucky. His decision to follow her to Kentucky will change the course of their lives.

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The Log Cabin Riders are back with another go of their annual poker derby. Hit the groomed trails from the word go at 11 a. There will also be a dinner and silent auction at Elie Legion Hall after 5 p. For one night only, James will rock the Burton Cummings Theatre and for one night only, you have the chance to see him do so in all his splendour.

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This winter is on Roseau and the town is pulling out all the stops for its Winter Fun Day with a tonne of activities to get families out and enjoying the remainder of the season. There will be sleigh rides, broomball, skating, tobogganing and cross country skiing! And if you start to feel even a little nippy, make a stop at the bonfire for a treat of roasted marshmallows and hot chocolate to get you back out and enjoying winter again.